Based in Toledo, Ohio- cue craftsman Dick Lanz never duplicates a cue. 



After retiring from boiler making almost 15 years ago Dick Lanz took up custom pool cue fabricating as a hobby. In the last decade in a half he has fine tuned the hobby to a true art. The hours that he devotes to creating a custom pool cool has become legend in billiard circles and owning a Lanz Custom Cue is now akin to owning a fine piece of art.  His cues have been featured in the World Book of Pool Cues and selections of his cues can be viewed on as well as 

Dick's cues have range in price from $150 to $3200.00, for the most discerning customer.  Displayed here are several selected cues by Lanz, McDermott and Meucci.  But remember- your custom cue is only a phone call away. 

Call Dick at 419.882.0870 or 419.270.4816

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